Established 1976


In a change from a normal December meeting at the Rugby Club, it was
decided to have a change of venue and a sit down buffet in celebration of
the clubís 40th year.
We had used the Swansea Bay Golf Clubís facilities during the earlier
Summer Rally and everyone was happy with the function room and the
food, the staff were friendly and made the entrants welcome during the
evening. With that in mind, we decided to use their facility for our 40th
It is always a worry when you have to book meals in advance of the event.
Will you have enough people turning up, will the weather put anyone off,
but we neednít have worried as members turned up in good numbers and
we were only a small number out on the booking.

Where is my Christmas pudding?

 Full tables at that end as well.

Post feast, we drew the raffle tickets and awarded the prizes. With a good
number of presents on offer and a good number of donated gifts, the raffle
took up a fair amount of the evening, longer than we anticipated.
Patrick P had arranged for some entertainment during the evening, a Roy
Orbison tribute. He gave us two sessions, one either side of the meal and
finished the evening off.
The food was good, the company iffy good and an enjoyable evening was
had by all. Hereís to the next 40 years!